Flexible Packaging

In addition to the standard central drum flexographic machines normally used, the company is equipped with specific versatile machines for small-scale productions,thanks to which it is able to combine two different requirements that characterize the Italian market: to supply “typography” quantities with photographic resolution and the need for low prices.

Small quantities are aimed at decreasing inventories and are advantageous as they reduce the capital tied up and improve customer cash flow. This amplifies flexibility in varying the prints and changing the corporate image frequently, creating wrapping specifically for each item produced.

R.C.A. also pays particular attention to enviromental sustainability and is now able to process 100% recyclable PE/PE monomaterial films and materials derived from soy, which are completely biodegradable.

The company sees the quality of the items produced as an indispensabile service and the relationship between customer and supplier is equally essential. Only thanks to a fruitful and careful exchange of information is it possible to fully understand the specific needs of each customer and meet them with products that are always personalized and reliable.


Some examples of products made by R.C.A. Imballaggi flessibili Srl:

• Heat-sealable paper bags for food (white or brown kraft exterior with or without flexographic print, internally coupled with polythene film) with sealed or square bottom;

• Neutral bags and doy-pack/ stand up bags with or without resealable zipper;

• Double-layers bags and reels (neutral or metallized PET/PE) designed for the food and cosmetic industries;

• Neutral or printed triple layers bags and reels (PET/ALU/PE), with flexographic and rotogravure printing for atmosphere or vacuum packaging, with or without degasing valve, originally designed for packing coffee

Paper bags for food

Food companies place great attention on choosing ingredients and preparing food to offer the customer high-quality products. In the same way, they are committed to the choice of packaging that preserves the freshness and the characteristics of their products.

R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili is a Turin-based company specializing in the production of polythene-coated paper food packaging, respecting all the standards of the HACCP protocol:

• Heat-sealed paper bags for food
• Paper bags with or without window for food for retail sale
• Recyclable paper shopping bags

Properties of food wrappers

The characteristics of the wrappers are designed to preserve the contents, to facilitate the opening and the storage of the food inside. The company manufactures paper bags for food for bagging over-the-counter products, all customizable with the company logo and graphics, and using completely biodegradable materials, suitable for transport and storage. Based on the customer’s specifications, the packaging company manufactures its products, transferring and sharing its know-how to improve both the visual and environmental impact.

Packaging to suit every need

It is possible to submit all kinds of requirements to our technical department. Our staff will study the most suitable type of packaging for the product, choosing from different solutions and proposing the one that will perform best.

Neutral Packaging

Attention to food preservation is an act of respect towards the consumer but also towards the integrity of your work. Consequently, companies operating in the food industry must rely on professionals who are capable of ensuring high standards in the production of packaging.

R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili in Turin has consolidated its position on the market over the years, manufacturing neutral bags in different sizes and colours, readily available in stock:

• Triple-coupled gusseted bags for coffee;
• Triple-coupled flat bags;
• Doy-pack / stand up bags with resealable zip.

Ready-to-use packaging

The company puts its experience at the service of the sector, manufacturing reliable PET/ALU/PE bags for every type of use. They are available in stock in different sizes and colours: silver, gold, black, white and red. All products are customizable. We create excellent high-definition print for small production runs and complex print for photographic reproductions suitable for large runs.

Customized packaging production

Our technical department provides a design service, working to the specific needs of the client. Triple-coupled bags can be used for coffee, spices, powders, cocoa, chocolate and fresh food.

Double-layer bags and reels

Our double-layer bags and reels have been designed for the cosmetic industry and can be freely customized with graphics and texts created by the customer or proposed by our in-house graphic consulting service.

These bags and reels can be used for:

• Single-dose reels and sachets for the cosmetics and food industries;
• Multipack packages for the cosmetic industry;
• Deli counter product packaging;
• Vacuum packaging.

Practical and easy to open

R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili manufactures double-layer bags and reels for the most varied uses. Customization is possible even for small batches, mantaining the highest quality standards and attention to packaging.

Ad hoc packaging solutions

The company boasts two decades of experience in the sector and has specialized in the study of the highest-performance materials for the most varied sectors. A consultant from R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili helps the customer find the best solution for their products.

Customized Packaging

The role played by the graphics printed on the packaging really shouldn’t be underestimated. A Company uses the image on the the packaging to present both itself and its product.

The use of customized packaging creates distinction, conveying a strong and attractive image to your products.

“Flexible” graphics and quantities

We are an extremely versatile, leading company in the production of customized packaging, capable of offering minimum batches of customized production from as little as 100 kg of material. This gives you the opportunity to visually communicate your brand to the end customer without putting too much strain on your finance and storage facilities. Small batches do not penalize print quality or the care taken over the graphics.

Sponsored bags and envelopes

A consultant works alongside customers to interpret their needs and turn them into products. We can create a customized line of packaging in different shapes and materials:

• Flexible bags
• Stand-up bags
• Doy-pack with freshness-saving system
• High-end packaging in separable materials for green packaging.

R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili works on small and large job orders, ensuring prompt delivery both in Italy and abroad.


Printing (rotogravure and flexographic)

Print quality is a critical point of compressed films; thanks to the verasatility of our machinery, it is possible to choose between different solutions:

  • simple prints, flawless in terms of quality and economic, requiring limited investment in systems and therefore suitable for small batches;
  • complex prints (e.g.: photographic reproductions) for large runs.

Cutting – Trimming

Trimming represents the last quality control on the materials. Cutting operations prepare the reels of film for delivery to customers equipped with packaging machines or to be susbequently transformed in envelopes or bags.


Every product is the result of an accurate study of its function. It must therefore be strong enough to hold the weight of its contents and must also guarantee the preservation of the product.

Coupling is a fundamental step in the production process. Considerable attention is paid to the thickness of the materials and the characteristics of each plastic film, in order to obtain the best combination for each product.

Transformation into bags and envelopes

Possibility to supply flow pack bags, gusseted bags, padded bags, doy-packs, bags equipped with valves, taps, freshness-saving zips.