The Company, Our Mission, Our Story

The company

RCA Imballaggi Flessibili Srl was was established in 2002, creating an organisation that is unique on the market. Our intention is to provide a SERVICE, to be a partner and not just a supplier. We represent the pair of glasses that allow the entrepreneur to SEE the potential of his products
from the outside.

The company is specialized in printing on complex films, bags and reels, coupled with aluminium or laminated by extrusion.

The mission

Our mission has always been to provide the most varied companies operating on the market with packaging of the highest quality and reliability, with meticulous design and competitive prices.

The main purpose of flexible is to pack and save the most diverse products from air, dust, humidity and light, but it also has an important visual impact, encouraging sales thanks to the adverts trasmitted with the wrapping.

Plastic film, especcially when coupled with aluminium, achieves this dual goal: product protection and advertising with the cost of a single wrapping.

L'evoluzione del packaging​

Dal caffè alle farine fino alle salviettine monouso, la lunga esperienza nel mondo degli imballaggi di Silvia Stupino

From Gusto – April 2021

Our Story

R.C.A. has been operating in the packaging sector for over 50 years. It began manufacturing small and medium-sized cardboard containers, cases and boxes in 1957.

The company has diversified its activities over the last decade, installing flexographic printing systems for the production of flexible packaging and adapting the range of products and serves offered to suit the needs of small producers, to whom it supplies small quantities but the finest quality.

The two production activities have evolved over the years, consolidating two different oranisational setups. In 2002, R.C.A. Recipienti Cartone Alluminio Spa became K.R.C.A., dedicated to cardboard products, and R.C.A. Imballaggi Flessibili Srl, specialized in printing on complex films, bags and reels, coupled with aluminium or laminated by extrusion.

The more streamlined and versatile company structure, inaugurated in 2002, has presented great advantages. On one hand, it has created a work pool specialized in flexible packaging, skilled in terms of materials and the problems relating to the production cycle, improving them with the constant upgrading of techniques and technologies. On the other hand, it has raised the level of technical preparation thanks to the advice of experts in graphic design.

Rca Srl has succeeded in increasing production both in Italy and in Europe, offering not only a product but also consulting services and assistance with identifying the best material to suit the varying requirements of individual customers.