The company

RCA Imballaggi Flessibili Srl was established in 2002, creating an organisation that is unique on the market. Our intention is to provide a SERVICE, to be a partner and not just a supplier. We represent the pair of glasses that allow the entrepreneur to SEE the potential of his products
from the outside.

Our Products

Double Layer

Neutral or metallic double layer (PET/PE) bags and reels.

Triple Layer

Neutral or metallic triple layer (PET/ALU/PE) bags and reels.

Doy-pack / stand up

Doy-pack / stand up bags with or without resealable zipper.


White or brown kraft exterior with or without flexographic print, internally coupled with polythene film, with square bottom.


We offer a wide range of packaging created to preserve the aroma and freshness of every blend.

Custom Packaging

The role of the packaging cannot be underestimated by those who offer packaged products on the market. First of all, because bags, envelopes and boxes guarantee the conservation of the products; secondly, they dress and convey the image of those products. A company uses packaging to present both itself and its product.

Consequently, the use of customised packaging creates distinction, conveying a strong and attractive image to your products.